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I love cats and the sea - and "The Little Mermaid"....as you can see.........
I love Mozart and Queen (The band not the monarch, although she may well be a nice old duck, who can tell?)
Why is it so difficult to do these things without sounding pretentious or half-witted..or both
I like to think I am different from everybody else, but I know that I am not
Did you know that Ursula is King Triton's sister?

and spray-on hair colour tastes vile
For those of you who don't realise it, this was taken at a fancy dress party. I don't really have blue and white hair, and don't always dress in sequins - well, not every day
Flork is becoming very dull, where have all the fun people gone
.long time since I visited, the year is fleeing into Autumn - whoops sorry, sliding towards the pretentious there.
Anyway, hello to Flork friends old and new.
Wow nearly a year since my last visit
Truth - I swapped Flork for Second Life
lots of fun for those of you who haven't tried it...See you there maybe :)
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